Friday, January 27, 2012

Week in Celebrity Madness: Rihanna Gets a 'Thug Life' Tattoo

Rihanna struts her stuff in a colorful bikini and bright heels as she performs at the Palacio de los Deportes Stadium in Madrid. (Pacific Coast News)Did Rihanna actually tattoo the words "Thug Life" onto her fists? The slimmest majority of you remain convinced the singer wouldn't have the gall to actually go through with the ink job. And yet, her tweets, and that one picture circulating the Internet, tell a different story.

RiRi living the fitness-oriented "Thug Life" while on vacation in Hawaii. (Photo posted to Rihanna's Lockerz account, via Twitter) And while some fans will surely embrace her new tat, others will undoubtedly wind up scratching their heads in bemusement. Because here's the thing: Thugs aren't usually millionaires who ride elliptical machines in skimpy bikinis. Nor are they typically chart-topping pop stars who have been named the Sexiest Woman Alive.

The phrase "Thug Life" has long been associated with Tupac, the late rap legend who performed Shakespeare in his youth, and later lived in Marin County, one of the most affluent locales in the nation. But facts can be deceiving. Yes, he grew up in Manhattan, but his family lived in East Harlem, not the Upper West Side. And as for his life in Marin? Well, 'Pac moved to Marin City, a place known for its crime, poverty, and drug abuse.

For her part, RiRi grew up in a bungalow, helping her crack-addict father peddle shirts on the street. So her life hasn't always been so rosy. And it's not like she tattooed Drake's name onto her forehead. So maybe we have no right to judge.

Miley digs in to her cake without hesitation. (via TMZ) Or maybe we should turn our attention to another pop singer -- one who enjoys posing provocatively in front of drying machines, hates her own music, and loves penis cake. Yes, penis cake.

Our in-house dessert guru tells us the correct terminology is "erotic cake," but judging from the (uncensored) picture TMZ posted, we're content with our original word choice. As the story goes, she bought the X-rated treat for boyfriend Liam Hemsworth's birthday earlier this month, hence the words "Happy Birthday Liam" seen written in red icing.

Naturally, her reps refused to comment. But we expect it's only a matter of time before they release a statement chronicling Cyrus' underlying love of edible genitalia. Either that, or she'll have to call up Patrick Stewart and create some SNL magic.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nigel Lythgoe I'll Pay Ryan Seacrest's Salary!

Ryan Seacrest should fear not if producers cut his "American Idol" salary for next season, because we've learned Nigel Lythgoe has vowed to make up the difference ... out of his own pocket.

There have been a few reports that producers may try to cut Ryan's paycheck -- estimated at $15 million for this season.  Nigel is telling people Ryan is "extremely important" to the show and doesn't know how it could work as well without him.

Nigel says if production starts slashing, he'll start cashing to keep R.S. on board.

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